If you’ve ever been stuck in a conversation about servers and have no idea what they are, look no further. The Youtube video “What is a Virtual Server?” explains everything in detail without the assumption that everyone is tech-savvy these days. Let’s find out more!

You have to understand a few things before learning about servers. When it comes to physical hardware, people tend to think of their computers at home.

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A computer is essentially a box, which contains CPUs and RAM. These items are connected to each other. You’ll also find the network and traditional storage.

A virtual server is all of those things explained above, but virtual, and they aren’t physically present in your house. You get access to it even if it’s nowhere near you. Inside the VSI, you’ll find the CPUs, RAM, network, and storage. However, since it’s in a virtual state, it can be scaled up and down in cases where a client needs more CPU, RAM, etc, which offers more flexibility than the hardware options as those are limited to the setup you buy.

You can check the rest of the video for more details about servers.


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