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As I ready myself for a trip to see family in London this August, I started looking into other more fun things I might want to check out. As I perused choices online, a found an ad for Downton Abbey travel guides, and clicked on it. I mean, taking a film or TV inspired tour is a great way to see the sights and scenery used in my favorite programs.

The site I found had every kind of pop culture and English film set tours that I could want. There were Doctor Who London tours, Downton Abbey tours, and even your classic British castle tours like a Highclere castle tour.

These shows have been outrageously popular. In fact, television networks have acquired the rights to broadcast Downton Abbey in over 100 countries. I mean, the show is excellent. It is actualy in the Guinness Book of World Records as the the international TV series to receive the highest number of nomination in the history of the Emmy Awards, with 27 different nominations in total. It actually costs an average of 1 million pounds to produce an episode of Downton Abbey, so you think it would be excellent.

Reading about a Downton Abbey travel tour just got me more and more excited and giddy. The service also offered totally custom tours of European capitals, which are definitely the best way to experience what foreign cities have to offer completely on your own terms.

I booked a Downton Abbey travel tour right then and there. Have any of you readers taken a Downton Abbey travel tour? Can you tell me how awesome it was? Please share in the comments about your experiences on the Downton Abbey travel tour. References.

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