Gardening can be a tricky business if you’re a beginner. You may want to spruce up the outside of your home and landscape but aren’t sure where to start, or how to maintain your garden. Watch this Youtube video to learn about five easy-to-care-for flowers that are sure to make your garden look bright and lively!

Catmint is a perennial flower that is resistant to wildlife damage to due its minty smell. It has beautiful lavender-colored flowers. The blooming attracts bees, thrives in hot and dry areas, and doesn’t impact the other plants around it.

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May Night Salvia looks similar to the Catmint but with a deeper blue-purple flower, and the ability to be altered to come in a multitude of colors. These flowers can perform in rougher environments and are extremely popular in hot, arid climates.

Moonshine Yarrow is another extremely adaptable plant, that thrives in any moisture level. It looks like a soft mound of green before sprouting yellow flower clusters in late June. Another perennial called Red Valerian blooms from June until the end of the summer. This plant has smooth and waxy attractive leaves and attracts butterflies. Finally, Day Lillies are the last easy-to-garden plant. In or out of bloom, these plants are very attractive and have beautiful flowers that only bloom once.

For more information on how to choose flowers for gardening, listen and watch this video!


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