You may have thought that getting an apartment was the hardest part of moving to a new city, but it’s actually the smallest detail that can make or break your move. A lot of work would have to go into making the new apartment feel just like home for you. You’d need to include your favorite plant, use paint colors that resonate with you, buy furniture, and whatnot.

But despite how exciting it might seem and how much you can’t wait to finally begin to feel at home in your new apartment, there seems to be a wall that you’d need to climb to get to the other side. And this is the work that you’d need to put into it.

If you’re like me and don’t want to stress about small stuff like paint color or furniture arrangement, then elevating your drab apartment might seem like an impossible task. But it doesn’t always have to be.

Whether you have just moved into your new apartment or you are about to rent out the property and need to make it attractive enough for customers, with some simple DIY projects and some inexpensive upgrades, you can completely transform your home into something beautiful. What’s even better is that you can get an ugly apartment makeover without breaking the bank.

Tips for A Drab Apartment Makeover

Certain factors would have been at play when you made a decision to rent a drab apartment, the most predominant of which, the apartment was within your budget. The good news, however, is that you can carry out an ugly apartment makeover.

Regardless of how drab your apartment looks right now, these simple, easy-to-implement tips can totally revolutionize how you feel and experience your space and make your drab space feel fresh again.

  • Paint

There’s something about a fresh coat of paint that can breathe life back into a drab space. Do you know what’s better than a fresh coat of paint? It’s a combination of different painted colors. We could as well call painting a magic worker.

When it comes to an ugly apartment makeover, going all out with a paint combination can do a lot in elevating the look of the room. When doing this, however, it is important that you use colors that are complementary. Don’t use colors that do not do well being together, else, what you’d have might end up becoming an eyesore.

If you want to go bold and bright colors on the walls, use a neutral color palette and go with bright accents like yellow or red. If you’re looking for more depth in your decorating scheme, consider using darker colors like purple or gray as well.

  • Wallpaper

Just like paint, choose a wallpaper color and design that complements the rest of your décor. It’s even better if the wallpaper doesn’t overpower the decor.

This might be a little challenging because there’s always a temptation to go overboard when it comes to an ugly apartment makeover. But you’d want to remember that doing too much might end up boomeranging your efforts.

For what it’s worth, stick with a simple wallpaper design for now until you get used to everything else.

  • Lighting Fixtures, Accessories, Furniture

Lighting fixtures are one great way to elevate your drab apartment and are a key ingredient in getting an ugly apartment makeover.

To get the best results, ensure you use these lighting fixtures strategically throughout the room so they don’t compete with one another. Try hanging lamps from rafters overhead too, if possible. You can also use accessories such as mirrors for accenting focal points within each space, which helps give each area its own personality.

In carrying out an ugly apartment makeover, you’ll also want to avoid purchasing pieces meant only for showrooms by opting instead for those designed specifically as living room pieces. This will give all of them character while still keeping costs down because they won’t need fancy features like French doors or built-in bookshelves.

When it comes to boosting the look of your apartment, a window makeover is one of the most important things you can do. Windows are often overlooked in favor of other features like flooring and furniture, but this shouldn’t be the case.

Regardless of how big or small your windows are, the shape, or how many windows there are, windows are highly important in any home. This is because they can, to a large extent, make your living space feel a lot cozier and more welcoming, allow you to experience nature even while indoors, and help to keep the air in the home fresh.

You can upgrade the look of your windows by adding some window coverings and treating old windows to give them a brand-new look. If the windows have badly deteriorated, then consider getting a new window installation. You can get them done for less than $500 if you know what kind of glass is right for you.

If you want more energy efficiency without spending a fortune on new replacement glass, consider using window film instead. These are easy enough to apply yourself and offer many benefits over single-paned glass alone (like better privacy).

If the floors in your home don’t feel as solid as you want them to, then you can use floor trusses to keep the floors leveled and sturdy. They can also be used to create a ceiling that is higher than the walls.

Floor trusses can also add height, especially if you’re working with wood or metal. Trusses

While you can carry out an antenna install yourself, we recommend hiring an antenna installer. They’ll make sure that your new antenna is installed correctly and will help you select the right size for your home.

  • Antenna repair: If you have an older television that still works but doesn’t produce good picture quality (or if it’s broken), then it may be time to get some help with repairs before installing a new one. A professional technician will get everything working again as efficiently as possible without compromising its overall quality or appearance.
  • Antenna replacement: If you’ve bought an old-fashioned “stick” type of indoor/outdoor antenna for years and now want something more modern—like those rabbit ears on top of your cabinets—then consider replacing them with something like this outdoor cable box mount.

If you just moved into a new apartment, there are chances that the heating system will have developed some fault and you will need to carry out heating repairs.

If you’re like me, then the thought of owning a heating system that isn’t working properly is enough to make your skin crawl. You can imagine how much worse it would be if your home was unheated and freezing cold.

Get the professionals in right away to get this fixed for you. And once you’ve done this, you can prevent further breakdown of your heating system by servicing it regularly before anything has a chance of going wrong with it. This will ensure that all parts are replaced at once and not just one at a time as they break down over time.

Leaks are an all-too-common problem in older buildings and can really contribute to making your apartment look drab. If left unchecked, leaks can cause damage to the building and your belongings.

If you notice a leak, it’s best to call a professional immediately to carry out these leak repairs. However, there are some DIY repairs that may be able to help stop further water damage from occurring:

  • Shut off the valve on the faucet if possible; otherwise, turn it off completely (do not turn off cold water).
  • Use towels or rags with soapy water as they absorb moisture better than paper towels or other materials. This will also keep mold growth down while keeping your home dry!
  • Air Conditioner Repairs

The first step to carrying out air conditioner repairs is cleaning the air conditioner in question.

You can start by taking off the top plate, and then using a damp cloth or sponge to wipe out any debris that might have collected on top of your unit. You’ll also want to vacuum out any dirt that might be trapped inside by dust particles and small pieces of lint from cleaning fabrics.

Once you’ve cleaned as much gunk as possible from underneath your unit, go ahead and reattach it—this will help prevent leaks later down the line, and then proceed to replace the filters. For this part of servicing an AC unit (or any home appliance), there are two types: pleated and paper/foam combination packs. You can find these at most hardware stores or online retailers.

If things aren’t looking good after following these steps but still have issues with humidity levels indoors without proper ventilation being provided by open windows during the summertime months, when temperatures soar above 70°F (22°C) Celsius), then consider investing some money in repairing them instead, since doing so will save money down long term while increasing quality over time instead using generic replacements which tend not last very long.

Drywall repairs are a very common concern when moving into a new home, especially one that has not been inhabited in a while. The drywalls used to cover the exposed framing of a building, such as studs and joists, could peel off, which can make your home look ugly. As a result, drywall repairs are a very important thing to consider when getting an ugly apartment makeover.

If the holes in your drywall are small, you can easily patch them. However, larger holes would require a complete replacement.

Before you go about the drywall repairs, it is important that you analyze the type of drywall issue (this could be holes, discoloration, or cracks), and then go ascertain the cause of this issue. This would determine if the drywall repairs are something you can carry out on your own, or if you need to call in a professional.

When you move into a new home, one of the things you’d want to inspect and make sure of its proper functioning is the HVAC system. If you’ve got an old HVAC system, make sure it’s maintained and in good working order. It’s also important to check the ducts for debris.

You can inspect the proper functioning of your HVAC system by:

  • Checking that you have a good filter installed on your ductwork, whether that be a paper or foam-based one (Foam is generally better).
  • Checking the airflow using an airflow meter or simply by opening and closing windows at different heights on each floor of your building
  • It’s also possible that there are leaks somewhere within this system—if so, then fix them immediately.

Remember to have professionals check the insulation annually.

Bonus Tips

While it may seem impossible to carry out an ugly apartment makeover, there are many things you can do to elevate it on a budget.

  • Color

You don’t need much color in your home if you’re going for a neutral feel, but if you want something more lively or eye-catching, don’t be afraid to use bold colors.

  • Texture

A textured wall will add depth and interest without breaking the bank—just make sure that the textured material that you’re opting for is easy to clean so you can keep it.

  • Patterns/Shapes

There’s nothing wrong with using patterns in small doses. However, if used too much or too often (think velvet furniture), they can become overwhelming and overbearing in an otherwise simple space. But once again: these things aren’t expensive! They’re actually super affordable options that just need some extra oomph behind them!


With so many things you can do to elevate a drab apartment and carry out an ugly apartment makeover, it’s easy to see why we recommend spending time on this. It will make a world of difference when you finally move into your new place and enjoy all the benefits.

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