Unfortunately from time to time, everybody makes a poor decision. With that poor decision comes consequences. Legal issues can lead to substantial headaches, especially if it isn’t something you have experienced before. If you have been arrested, the legal process ahead of you can be quite confusing. It is normal for individuals to post bail, as long as the crime isn’t too severe.

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However, if you cannot afford your bail, you are forced to sit in jail and wait until your court date. Bail bonds give individuals a chance to get out of jail for a fee. In this video, you will see how the bail bond system works.

After having bail covered by an agency, it is typical for a 10% fee in return for the bail that was posted. That is how these agencies make money. By granting your freedom, they make a profit. As bail reform continues to be a hot topic in the U.S., learning more about how the system works will help you form a better understanding of the legalities at hand.

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