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Recovering from heroin addiction is a long and arduous journey. One of the methods used to get off is Suboxone treatment, but this can lead to issues, too, if it isn’t properly regulated. This video will explain why it’s difficult to get off of Suboxone if the Suboxone detox schedule is not adhered to.

Suboxone can be a very helpful medicine. It should not be demonized. It’s very useful for individuals at risk for relapse. If they aren’t 100% committed, or they are not actively receiving treatment, Suboxone can be particularly useful in weaning them off of opioids and heroin.

Not everyone is a good fit, and eventually, it will stop being a useful medicine for individuals on it. They will try to wean off of it, but it’s difficult to taper off. It binds tightly to opioid receptors and it does so at a very low dose. While this allows you to taper off of it from higher doses, going below 2 or 1 milligram is extremely difficult.

Some medicine can be used to help get the brain used to a lack of Suboxone and to encourage the body to make its own endorphins. It still takes a few months to fully get off of the drug and feel 100% healthy again, however.

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