In the past, it could take hours, if not days, for the world to learn about the news. However, now thanks to the internet, a story can be broken almost as soon as it happens. Indeed, online news has forever changed the way that people get news.

Before the internet, most people got their news from newspapers. In keeping with that tradition, still to this day, people get their news from newspaper. However, they are not reading print versions, but rather digital online versions more and more. Online articles are exactly the same as you will find in the paper. This is just one of the ways online news has surpassed print news.

Another contribution that online news has made has been blogs. Blogs are ways people can share information about anything by posting it to a site and having it arranged chronologically. Blogging news has been able to break many stories before most major newspapers. This has caused many mainstream news organizations to start their own blogs and add them to their website. A great thing about blogs are that any one can start one.

Today, the internet is a great way to get online information on basically anything. You can use a search engine to get virtually any info online that you could want. To learn more about how the internet has changed the way we learn about the world and more, you can search the web. Do not take the internet for granted again. For more information, read this website.

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