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Cosmetic Dentistry Services Keep Patients Smiling

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Cosmetic dentistry salem oregon

We’ve all heard the myth about George Washington having wooden false-tooth dentures. By now, most of us know there’s no truth behind that myth; however, there once was a time when false teeth were actually made from wood. The first recorded set of wooden dentures dates back to 16th Japan. Today, fortunately for cosmetic dental patients, cosmetic and family dentistry procedures take advantage of current oral technology, such as cosmetic implants, to replace missing or damaged teeth with porcelain false-teeth that look almost 100% real. Dental implants have a very high success rate of up to 98%, and can last your entire life with proper care.

For individuals who have missing or damaged teeth, cosmetic denta

Solar Power is an Awesome Alternative to Traditional Methods of Powering Your Home

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Residential solar panel

Though solar panels were originally introduced in 1956, and technology has improved tremendously in more than a half century since then, solar power remains an alternative, and not a primary, source of energy. However, there are several advantages to installing home solar panel systems. While they might require a bit of an initial investment – which subsidies, grants, and solar panel financing options help make more affordable – solar residential systems can prove to be highly worthwhile in the long run. They represent a great option for homeowners who want to break away from the traditional methods of powering their homes.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of home sola