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Discover the Freedom of the Open Road While Saving Money!

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Triumph motorbike dealers

Despite an ongoing disagreement among motorcycle historians regarding to whom the invention of the motorcycle should be attributed, there is no question that German’s Daimler was the first company to build and market a motorcycle powered by an internal combustion engine. Even though Daimler’s motorcycle appeared closer to a motor-propelled motorcycle, it was a cycle powered by a motor, nonetheless.

Actually, Daimler’s invention was more like a motorized bicycle than a motorcycle as we know them today. Now that you really think about it, the motor scooters you see at on display at local scooter dealers more closer resemble the two-wheeled motorized contraption that Daimler produced in 2005. As such, the only things it would have in common with the triumph victory one-two punch available at the leadi

Secure Texting Service Eliminates Potential Risks

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Hipaa compliant email service

Mobile healthcare apps have made many things easier for both patients and doctors alike. Using mobile devices helps staff to improve communicating patient information with their fellow workers, making the delivery of service much more efficient.

However, some aspects of this technology have come in to question. Specifically, employees using their own devices that for un-secure texting for healthcare has caused some compliance issues for hospitals with HIPAA regulations, which clearly state that a patient’s information must be kept secure at all times. In addition to these HIPAA concerns, there are also concerns over the degree of security that