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Archive for October 10, 2013

Get Help for Your Landscape Ideas

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Ash tree protection

Are you looking for new landscape ideas for your garden and lawns? Visiting landscaping centers for landscape ideas such as water features is a favorite activity for many people. You may also be seeking the plants that will grow best in your climate. During this search for landscape ideas, we rarely think about pests and insects that can ruin our trees, lawns, or gardens.

A lot of people have planted ash trees as part of the landscape ideas. This is a beautiful tree to accentuate your yards, and it is also a very important species of trees in the forests. The seeds are a great source of food for birds. Unfortunately, th

Staying Informed is Now Easier than Ever Before

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Channel 13 rochester ny

A survey conducted by the Media and Public Opinion Research Group in January of this year found that the majority of Americans still get their news by watching TV. According to the survey, 30.6% keep up with current stories by watching cable news and just under 30% do so with network television. This means that, for many people, turning to Rochester ny channel 13 in the morning or evening after a day in the office is the best way to learn about all of the latest stories.

By flipping to Channel 13 Rochester NY residents can get updates and information about the developments in a wide range of stories. For instance, today they might learn more about local and national sports hero Abby Wambach marrying her long time p