Ash tree protection

Are you looking for new landscape ideas for your garden and lawns? Visiting landscaping centers for landscape ideas such as water features is a favorite activity for many people. You may also be seeking the plants that will grow best in your climate. During this search for landscape ideas, we rarely think about pests and insects that can ruin our trees, lawns, or gardens.

A lot of people have planted ash trees as part of the landscape ideas. This is a beautiful tree to accentuate your yards, and it is also a very important species of trees in the forests. The seeds are a great source of food for birds. Unfortunately, these trees can be infested with the emerald ash borer. This beetle is native to Asia and Russian and kills many ash species, including black, white, green, and blue ash within two to four years of infestation. It is believed that these beetles arrived in the United States through the wood packing material used to transport cargo. This borer has also been traced to ash nursery stock or ash firewood. To help prevent ash borer infestation, cut or purchase firewood from the same location you plan to use it.

When looking at landscape ideas, you should also include methods to prevent insect infestations such as the ash borer. You can find professionals who provide ash borer control and ash borer treatment.

In addition to insect prevention, landscape professionals can help you with your landscape ideas and backyard landscaping. These specialists can help you select plants that will thrive in your climate, as well as the best vegetables for your garden.

Maybe part of your landscape design ideas include pathways or walkways, or other hardscape options. A landscaper can help you with the landscape ideas from start to finish. Maybe you even want to add ponds and streams. You can find landscapers who specialize in water features to help these landscape ideas come to fruition.

Whether your landscape ideas are big or small, it is all about your individual style. When you have a professional by your side, you will certainly be pleased with the outcome. You will be able to enjoy your lawns and gardens for years to come.

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