Channel 13 rochester ny

A survey conducted by the Media and Public Opinion Research Group in January of this year found that the majority of Americans still get their news by watching TV. According to the survey, 30.6% keep up with current stories by watching cable news and just under 30% do so with network television. This means that, for many people, turning to Rochester ny channel 13 in the morning or evening after a day in the office is the best way to learn about all of the latest stories.

By flipping to Channel 13 Rochester NY residents can get updates and information about the developments in a wide range of stories. For instance, today they might learn more about local and national sports hero Abby Wambach marrying her long time partner or the awful Rose Chase trial about the woman who was accused of murdering and cremating her husband’s remains. Though stories will vary from the heartwarming to the tragic, following them by watching the news might be the best way for individuals to make sure that they are able to stay in-touch with their community.

Though Rochester Channel 13 is a great resource when it comes to getting the news, not everybody has time in their busy schedule to sit down and watch their favorite news programs to get updates every day. Because of that, more and more people are turning to the internet so they can learn more at any time of the day. According to the MPO study, after television, the internet is the most popular choice, and 14% of people get their news there. That is a great number than those who read the paper regularly. The internet is a great tool because it allows people to get informed while sitting right at their work desk or while lounging on the couch with a laptop without having to revolve their schedule around the news.

While most news stations will still make great TV programming their main priority, they have all also realized that, if they want the greatest reach, they will need a strong web presence as well. As a result, Channel 13 and other news sources all have websites loaded with stories and updated regularly with developments throughout the day. Plus, most offer mobile apps that allow users to get updates right on their mobile device while on the go. Though it remains the second most popular option, the flexibility and timeliness of the internet means that it is not impossible to imagine it replacing TV as king of the news in the near future.

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