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Water Saving Tips for Your Toilet

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Bathroom vanities and sinks

The advancement of technology and mechanics is perhaps more evident in the bathroom than in any other room in the modern home. From corner bathtubs, deep, two-seater luxurious baths that stand in for jacuzzis to water saving toilets which combine optimal flushing power with lower water usage, we’ve come a long way from chamber pots and monthly dunks in the washtub. It’s a cause for celebration, especially according to patrons and owners of “Modern Toilet,” a Taiwanese bathroom-themed restaurant which seats diners on non-functional toilets and serves them food and drinks in mini toilets, bathtubs, and urinals.
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Surprisingly Effective Treatment Options For Major Depression

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Tms therapy

Major depression is an extremely complicated disorder, and though there are treatments available that are effective for some portion of patients, including SSRI drug therapy, psychotherapy, meditation, and exercise, not every treatment for depression works well for everyone. For those who have treatment resistant depression, transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy has been shown to provide some relief.

There are a number of things that make transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy worth recommending. Unlike some prescription drugs which can have debilitating side effects, TMS has not been shown to cause sedation, weight gain, or sexual dysfunction. As well, unlike electroconvulsive therapy, also known as electroshock treatment, transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy has not been shown to impair memory. Me