Pageant rules

If you are interested in how to win a beauty pageant and are looking for pageant interview questions and answers, a pageant interview coach, or local beauty pageants to get started with, then you should know a little more about the history of beauty pageants.

1. There is a lot of stigma around how to win a beauty pageant and those who participate in them. One of the ways that pageant companies try to counter act this is to show people the good things that a person can gain from participating in a pageant. One of the stated goals of beauty pageants is promoting, encouraging, and developing the self esteem and the public speaking abilities of the contestants.

2. Though some of the smaller competitions have small monetary awards, some of the bigger ones have very impressive prizes for the inners and the runners up. Some pageants even award college scholarships to the winner or multiple runners up. This is another one of the benefits that pageant companies tout to show the benefits of the competitions.

3. There is a surprising complexity to the pageant circuit. Beauty pageants are generally multi tiered, with the smaller local competitions feeding winners into the larger competitions.

4. This can be staggering on just the state and national level, but the international level of beauty pageants is another story entirely. International pageants often involve hundreds or sometimes thousands of local competitions to achieve the contestants that will compete in the final pageant.

5. Though pageants are often associated with the south in the United States, California, Florida, and New York actually hold the most pageants. This could also be because of the fact that they are some of the most densely populated states in the country.

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