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Marketing Your Business the Smart Way

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Web marketing

Many things about running a business have changed over the past few decades. One thing that has remained constant, though, is how essential marketing is. With everything you have to deal with as a business owner, this can be pretty easy to forget about. However, the marketing techniques that worked 20 years ago are far less effective today.

These Days you need a strong online presence to gain new customers. Where people one upon a time looked in the yellow pages and newspapers for new products and services, they now use search engines. This is where 93 percent of all online experiences begin. This has contributed to search engines being a 16 billion dollar industry. 42 percent of people who use these click on the first link listed in their results, and most users never look past the first page. This means it i

What to Know About Tax Attorneys

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Tax debt problems

It can be hard to get by in the current state of the economy. The cost of living for many Americans can exceed their incomes, which can result in not all their expenses being taken care of. One area that can be especially easy to overlook is your taxes.

We have had to deal with paying taxes since before this country was established. The only difference is before 1776, the money went to the United Kingdom, and now it goes to the United States government. These days, your income can be taxed at rates ranging from 10 percent to 39.6 percent. When you fail to meet the required amounts, the government will find other ways of getting the money from you, such as an administrative levy. This practice, which was established in 1791, allows the IRS to take money directly out of your paychecks until your debt is settl