There are many industries out there that involve some intense work schedules and dangerous work environments. Thinking back to the first days of the industrial era, working in factories for long hours was far from rare for people of all ages. Although back then companies would even hire children of all ages to work in these unsafe factories, and force them to work ridiculous hours along with minimal pay, over the years, the manufacturing industry has dramatically changed. With changes in the requirements of employees, along with the advancements in technology, this industry has become an easier and safer place to work within, but the value it has given us has not changed.

After the extreme financial collapse of 2008, during the rebound, manufacturing has been the leading economic recovery factor for the United States. But still, situations like reshoring, which is the return of previously offshore jobs and manufacturing, also associated with high shipping costs, supply chain logistics, poor quality and rising labor costs associated with offshoring, makes this industry tough to work in.

Besides all of the risks in job security that come from this industry, the day to day jobs have been made easier. When dealing with anything that involves heavy machinery, things like retention knobs, crafty tools, and tool holders, make things easier and more efficient. Toolholders industry is an industrial and manufacturing, means holding a tool in place on a CNC machine, but not holding a tool that is at rest. This is a complicated process, holding something still, while it is moving? Seems quite complicated, but you can understand its importance.

Tools have been around since the beginning of time, seriously, cavemen used to use tools that they made from stone, so you could imagine the difficulty building and manufacturing anything once was. But we have came a long way since then. One of the earliest machine tools was a screw cutting lathe, which dates back to approximately 1483, and utilized direct mechanical control of the cutting tools path. Nowadays, machine operators and manufactures use tools like a collect chuck with simple yet complicated parts like retention knobs. Considered as a unit, consists of a tapered receiving sleeve, it is used to collect itself and cap over a screw in which camps itself to another taper. Workers today are much safer and get their jobs done easier to ensure that manufacturing products will keep this economy afloat.

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