Veneer edgebanding

Real oak furniture has a distinct look that many people enjoy putting in their homes. Oak is also one of the most popular woods used in furniture making, as it is the most common hardwood available in the United States. However, for those who do not want to deal with the heavy weight and hefty price of solid oak, there is a more viable alternative. Wood veneer sheets, more specifically oak sheets, can be used in place of solid oak. These sheets of veneer are placed over less expensive types of wood to give the wood a different look. Oak veneer is popular to use, as various benefits are associated with its usage.

1. It has a similar look to solid oak because it actually is real oak. Oak sheets are made simply by slicing oak wood into sheets that are approximately three millimeters thick. These thin wood veneer sheets sometimes even look better than solid oak, as veneer makers have the ability to choose only the highest quality oak to make them out of. With a solid piece of oak, however, you get what you get and cannot change it.

2. Oak sheets provide a better look to cheaper wood. Real wood veneer sheets stick right to the wood surface you are placing them on by simply gluing them. Generally, they will go on top of particle board or fiberboard, as these are not usually considered to be attractive types of wood. The design possibilities can be endless, as veneer oak sheets can decorate anything from cabinets to car interiors.

3. They are good on the environment. Since multiple sheets can be made from one oak tree, it reduces the amount of trees that need to be cut down. Veneer sheets are also able to cover more area than a solid piece of oak can. By eliminating the need for an overabundance of wood, it decreases the effects of deforestation.

Using oak veneer instead of solid oak comes with a list of benefits. Even though both are made from real oak, they are both used in different ways, and sometimes for different purposes. No matter what you choose to use veneer sheets for, you will be able to produce the high quality look that is associated with oak. Good references here.

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