Renting photo booths

Did you know that the first photo booth cost 25 cents? It produced eight photographs in roughly ten minutes. Today, there are thousands and thousands of photo booths across the world, and they cost a little bit more, but are capable of a whole lot more.

The first modern photo booth first appeared on Broadway in 1925, and was used by 280,000 people in the first six months after it was erected. Today you can find photo booth companies all over the place, and renting photo booths has even become a phenomenon.

Interestingly, today we take as many photos in two minutes as the entire world did as a whole in the 1800s. Technology has come a long way, and people are very thankful they do not have to use something as primitive as a photo booth or old fashioned photography tools. Digital cameras are the photo taking tool of the present, even though only two of ten images are actually ever printed on paper.

Renting a photo booth for weddings is a pretty good idea. People will enjoy the novelty of the photo booth, and in an environment like a wedding, it can spice everything up and make everyone just a little happier. Finding a photo booth company is not hard. It is suggested that if you want a photo booth for any reason, you should just google photo booth company, and talk to them about possibly renting a photo booth for a special occasion. Continue reading here.

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