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Woman, they say you cannot live with them, but you cannot live without them either. Although studies have shown that woman tend to be a little more up tight and high maintenance than men, its as if they can be. This is because it is not easy to be a woman, because they deal with many more things than the average male has to go through in life.

Many woman say that child birth is the most painful moment of their lives, which is probably pretty accurate. But many other woman would claim that the fact that they must deal with their menstrual cycle for much of their life makes this a once a month type issue to deal with. As woman get older they make their way towards a period known as menopause, which is exactly what you think it is. A few woman start menopause as young as 40, and a very small percentage as late as 60. But women in menopause first deal with perimenopause, which is the process of change that leads into the actual menopause stage, and this can start as early as 30, or as late as your 50s. This alone is enough to deal with, and adds extra stress and health management to the lifestyle of women, so a women with menopause might be a little more moody than normal.

Another problem that could arise in the life of women is hypothyroidism, which is the term used to describe a condition which there is a reduction in the level of thyroid hormones in the body. Then comes the hypothyroidism treatment side effects, because they will require treatment. Chronic treatment is daily doses of hormone, during hormone replacement therapy, while cycling treatment is based on the normal cycling patters of that hormone. If you are diagnosed then hypothyroid treatments will be needed right away because it could lead to an even more serious disease called myxedma coma. Although there is commonly no hypothyroidism treatment side effects, it still important to check out everything with a persons body to make sure they can handle the natural hypothyroidism treatment

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  1. I respect all woman and from a mans point of view i definitely agree that you girls have to go thru much more than we do, but I dont think u should ever hold that against a man.

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