If you are planning a long distance move, for instance, from one end of the country to the other, you are most likely attempting to discern which long distance movers would be best for you to hire. Choosing the best movers for your particular situation can be stressful, especially if you have not moved in awhile. The good news is that there are some really terrific new options available to you in terms of moving that can make your upcoming schlep really easy.

I highly recommend using pods for your move. What exactly are pods, you may ask. Pods are huge moving containers that you park right on your lawn. You can fill them up with your belongings as you pack them, rather than having to load up an entire moving van on moving day. No loading ramps or heavy lifting are needed when you use pods because the containers are made specifically for ground level loading. Best of all, on moving day, a professional mover will pick up the pod and drives it to your new home. What could be easier?

You can rent pods for as long as you need to so that you do not feel rushed into getting all of your belongings out of your house at the same time. Pods take much of the stress out of moving due to their high level of storage capability. This gives you the freedom to complete the packing and hauling process at your own speed, which is very much to your benefit.

One of the things people hate most about getting ready to move is the way recently packed boxes take over their soon to be vacated houses. For instance, I had never heard of pods the last time I moved, and by moving day, I felt claustrophobic because I was surrounded by stacks upon stacks of taped up cardboard boxes. There was barely even any room to walk. I wish I had known about pods back then. You, on the other hand, are lucky, because now you know all about pods and you can take advantage of them, thus making your move so much easier! Lucky you!

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