Tips for buying a new home

Did you know that using a realtor makes you 120% more likely to sell your home, especially in Virginia? Just like with anything else, expertise and experience go a long way. There are wrong ways to sell your home, and you are likely to discover more than a few of them if you work alone. Want to know how realtors help?

Realtors Know The Best Times to Sell

Realtors in virginia know that homes sell within just 90 days if they go on the market in Spring. April is the most successful month of the year, and real estate sales companies are experts in helping you make the most of it.

Tracking Current Trends

Keeping track of the latest construction and home decor trends can be difficult, especially if you are doing it on your own. Home sales go faster if you know what buyers are looking for. Right now, outdoor spaces are big. People buying a new home want patios, decks, and fire pits, or more to help them enjoy the great outdoors.

Knowing How to Sell Homes, Down to the Last Detail

Homeowners focus so much on the big things, they forget the little things entirely. And they matter just as much. What little tricks can help you sell your home? Open houses with simple, fresh scents are more successful than ones with rich or complex scents. For example, an open house with lemon, pine, basil, or green tea scent will fare better than one with potpourri, sugar cookie, or gourmet food scents. The reason? Potential buyers will spend time working out what a complicated or “mystery” scent is, taking their focus off your home.

There is no end to how realtors help. Knowing when to sell, keeping up with the latest trends, and knowing all there is to know about the sales process, down to the last detail, are just a few advantages you will score with a realtor.

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