Seo reseller program

If you have ever considered becoming an SEO reseller, you are a very wise individual.

Outsourcing SEO, or Search engine optimization content is one of the most successful ways to generate leads (and therefore, revenue) for your company. In fact, 92 percent of small business owners have said that SEO reseller plans are somewhat to very effective.

Once you become an SEO reseller, what should you expect from your online marketing firm? Obviously, results. But after how long and what specific services should your SEO company offer to make them worth your money?

You can expect SEO content marketing to take around six months to work its magic. SEO is a content driven form of marketing, so it takes time. An online marketing company should have a talented staff of in house writers hard at work on composing blog posts and articles containing keywords of your choice. Keywords should be terms and phrases people frequently search when looking for your good or service online.

These well balanced, keyword dense articles are then posted either on your website, or another that will be linked to you. Superb Seo reseller plans will also provide the service of tweeting a link to the article in hopes of the content being shared among internet users, thus resulting in more exposure for your business.

The more shares, tweets, bookmarks, and high quality content generated under your brand, the better your search engine ranking becomes, but it does not occur over night. The six month estimate of most reseller plans comes from assuming that six months spent flooding the web with compelling content in your name is enough time to generate a buzz and move you up the ranks.

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