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Musical Toilets and More! Read on!

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Kitchen remodeling norfolk

If you do not subscribe to Remodeling magazine, you may not know this but, on average, minor kitchen remodels return about 78 percent of their cost when the home is sold. Two reasons for this. First, it raises the value of the house, and if you are lucky, raises the value more than what you spent. Second, if you have kept the receipts, and lived in the house three of the five years before it was sold, you can deduct the amount that you put into the remodeling from your taxable earned income from the house.

The remodel kitchen and custom kitchens are gaining in popularity all of the time. They are the number one room that homeo

Where Can SEO Marketing Take You?

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Seo reseller program

If you have ever considered becoming an SEO reseller, you are a very wise individual.

Outsourcing SEO, or Search engine optimization content is one of the most successful ways to generate leads (and therefore, revenue) for your company. In fact, 92 percent of small business owners have said that SEO reseller plans are somewhat to very effective.

Once you become an SEO reseller, what should you expect from your online marketing firm? Obviously, results. But after how long and what specific services should your SEO company offer to make them worth your money?

You can expect SEO content marketing to take around six months to work its magic. SEO is a content driven form of marketing, so it takes time. An online marketing company should have a talente