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Archive for June 18, 2013

Mechanical Blacksmiths and What Technology Can Do Now

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When looking for something like end mill holders, go local, buy in the USA. End mill holders, boring heads and carbide cutting tools are types of boring tools, which are part of a long line of important machine tools. These tools are used to machine or shape rigid materials, such as metal, by processes like shearing, grinding, boring or cutting. Early machine tools, used before 1840, were lathes like the screw cutting, turret, or slide rest, and metal planers and milling machines. The tools that led the machine tool industry were lathes and borers used to bore cannon barrels.

The machine tool industry was born in the USA, so it should continue to remain here. In fact, there are a handful of companies out there who are doing a process known as reshoring. This involves them bringing their once across seas companies back to the states for a variety of reasons, such as higher labor costs, shipping costs, poor quality, and supply chain logistics. These companies also produce toolholding products, which provide solutions for high speed and velocity machining with large range projections.

Our own American soil has some of the best machine tool companies in the lane, we need to look to them for our machine tool needs. Ger more information on this topic here.

Pods Storage Makes Storage Easy

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When you need to make more space in your home, pods storage offers the best storage solutions. Pods storage containers are shipped to you as empty containers, and are left on your property so you can pack up stuff inside them at your leisure. This is a perfect way to de clutter your home and make more space. Plus, pods storage containers are large enough for storing large pieces of furniture, small to medium sized recreational vehicles, and lawn equipment.

For your military move, pods moving comes to the rescue. After you pack up the pods containers, they are picked up and shipped to your new destination. When you and your family arrive at your new home, you can unpack the moving pods on your own time frame. This is the best way for many military families to move across the country in a short period of time. If you and your family are anticipating a big move, call the helpful folks at pods storage. You will be glad you did. Pods containers for storage and moving make every move a simple one, and you can be ensured of an easy, stress free move. Call pods storage for a quote today.