The medical community has embraced medical marijuana as a means to help patients manage pain and a slew of other symptoms. But how much do you know about medical marijuana and how it’s used to help patients? Here, we’ll review a few basic facts about medical marijuana to help you gain a better understanding. Let’s get started.

Over three million Americans currently use medical marijuana. These patients are using marijuana to treat serious conditions or symptoms that come with things like chemotherapy.

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and the number of people using medical marijuana is increasing. Older adults comprise the fastest-growing group of patients who are using marijuana for medical reasons. In fact, the number of people in this group using medical marijuana increases almost 15% every year.

The science behind using marijuana to treat conditions that come with chronic pain is sound, too. In fact, there’s substantial evidence that marijuana is an effective treatment for chronic pain. While marijuana certainly isn’t a cure-all for chronic pain, nausea, or sleeplessness, it’s certainly helped patients mitigate their symptoms and live without relying on prescription painkillers.

We don’t know what else medical marijuana will help patients with, but the future looks bright.


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