Buying a house for the first time is exciting and probably a little stressful all at the same time. You may have a massive list of areas you want to address in your home to make it feel like your own. Or, you may feel completely overwhelmed and do not even know where to start when thinking about repairs. It is essential to be smart with your repairs. You do not want to get yourself into repairs that you cannot afford. As a first time homeowner, you want to give yourself some time to adjust to paying household bills, which may be entirely new for you. While you may have a list of things you want to do, you should consider some essential repairs first. Continue reading to find some essential new homeowner maintenance tips to figure out the best place to start.

Repair #1 – Roofing Concerns

One of the first new homeowner maintenance tips you should consider is repairing or replacing your roof. When you are considering roofing repairs, you want to make sure you hire a professional that is trustworthy. When you notice that there is a problem with your roof, you want to address it quickly before it becomes something more substantial. There are some signs to which you should pay attention when it comes to your roof. These signs include stains on the ceiling, missing shingles, or leaks from the ceiling.

If you think that some of your shingles are loose, you want to make sure they are in good shape. After heavy rain or extreme weather, you want to check your roof. If you notice sagging on your roof, that is a sign that your roof may need to be repaired or replaced. In addition to sagging sports, there could be areas of your roof that have moisture trapped under it or boards that are rotting. Another sign of trouble for your roof is moss. You may like the look, but it is a hint that there is something wrong with your roof. Moss is often an indication that there is moisture trapped below your roof.

Repair #2 – Leaks or Water Damage

A leak or water damage is more than just a little annoying. They could signal a much bigger problem that you do not want to ignore. This is one of the top new homeowner maintenance tips. This is a relatively common repair that you have to make in your new home. It can be caused by just about anything from a hole in a pipe, poor plumbing work, your leak, or devastating effects of a storm. In general, you should always check for signs of leaking or damaged pipes. Depending on the problem and the cause, it could be something you may be able to fix yourself. If you are unsure or think it is a big job, you should contact a professional.

If you see water, water spots, or water stains, it could be signs of a leak. If there is corrosion on your pipes or they are flaking, that is a sign that may need to be replaced. You should also pay attention to low water pressure or clogged drains. These signs could indicate there are bigger plumber problems. Spring is a great time to check for leaks after the buildup from winter thaws. Do not put off repairing water damage or leaks, even if they seem small. They can quickly become expensive problems.

Repair #3 – Heating or Air Conditioning

Another great set of new homeowner maintenance tips is to familiarize yourself with your heating and air conditioning units. First, you should have some basic knowledge of how they work and how they are supposed to work. Next, you want to check the manual or paperwork to determine the last time the units had service. They may have a sticker on them to indicate it. If it has not been in the past year, you want to get them serviced. Finally, you should learn how to replace the air filters and schedule the units for a cleaning. This can help you avoid expensive air conditioning and heating repair bills.

When you understand a bit about how the units work, you may be able to identify where the problem is and avoid a larger bill that includes diagnosis. Sometimes, it could be as simple as the unit is dirty or needs the filters to be replaced. The last thing you want is your heater to break during the winter or your air conditioning to stop working in the summer. If you take the time to have them cleaned and inspected, you may be able to avoid costly repairs and the unit breaking down at the worst time.

Repair #4 – Garage Door

Your garage door is another point of entry into your house. It is as essential as your front door. Most often, homeowners store valuable items in their garage. While they have a door separating the garage from the house, it is not always locked. New homeowner maintenance tips include making sure your garage door is fully functioning and not in need of repair. Your garage door is used often, and as a result, the parts can wear down. It can also suffer from chipped paint, cracked panels, and other minor wear.

In addition to potentially malfunctioning, a broken garage door may also allow heat, cold, or insects into your garage and, eventually, your house. When a garage door is not functioning correctly, it allows in the air from the outside. This excess air could cause an increase in your energy bills. You cannot forget that the way that your garage door looks on the outside impacts how your entire house looks. It also impacts your neighborhood, and your neighbors may not appreciate your garage door looking messy. When you are new to the community, it is not a good start. If you think your garage door looks bad or is not functioning properly, consult a garage door services professional.

Repair #5 – Landscaping

While landscaping may not seem like a repair, it can be, especially if you have damaged trees that are in need of tree care. If you are fortunate enough to buy a house that has impeccable landscaping and no needed tree trimming, congratulations. However, if your outdoor spaces are in need of some work, new homeowner maintenance tips definitely include lawn maintenance and tree trimming. Not only will these steps make your yard and house look better, but there are other benefits, too. Landscaping helps to make sure that water will not create a pool in your backyard or collect in your basement. In addition, it helps your home become more energy-efficient. Well placed trees can provide shade for your house, while shrubs can help direct breezes toward your house. You can also create walking paths with landscaping which help direct traffic where you want and keep people safe while on your property.

You want to start with a plan that keeps your needs and budget in mind. You can create a plan that has steps, allowing you to spend the money you have now and take more steps when you can afford it. It is also important to note that landscaping is not a do it once and never again type of repair. You must constantly attend to your landscaping and lawn. You can install trees and shrubs that do not need much work, but they still require some maintenance.

Repair #6 – Window Replacement

One of the key new homeowner maintenance tips is to take care of your windows. Windows are a critical part of your home because they improve the look of your house, increase airflow, provide natural light, and keep you safe.

Old windows may be allowing a lot of air in and out of the house that you do not want. In addition, you may find that they are difficult to open and close. If your windows have pieces on them that are broken, such as a lock that does not work, you want to consider getting a new window. You can find many energy efficient windows to suit your budget. These windows can pay for themselves because they will reduce your energy costs. In addition, new windows have better insulation to keep the temperature in your house where you set it no matter the season or the outside temperature.

New windows provide better security for your home. Not only are they better equipped to keep out intruders, but if they break, they splinter into tiny pieces instead of large glass shards. In addition, new windows improve the look of your home from the outside and inside. While you are replacing your windows, you could also consider replacing your window shutters or removing them all together.

Repair #7 – Fence

If you are considering new homeowner maintenance tips, do not overlook your fence. If your house came with an existing fence, you want to check it and make sure it is stable. If there are any parts of it that appear broken or unstable, contact a reputable fence company to have it repaired. Severe weather could be enough to cause further damage to an already unstable fence.

If the house you purchased does not have a fence, you may want to consider adding one to your yard. A fence can draw distinct boundaries between your yard and your neighbors. Even if you get along with your neighbors, it is still a good idea to have a distinct boundary in place. A fence can provide privacy, depending on the type of fence you get. There are many different styles from which you can choose, and some provide more privacy than others. You and your family can be outside in the yard without worry about who may be watching. A fence can also help improve the look of your house and increase your resale value when you choose to sell it. Whether you have an existing fence or install a new one, it is important to maintain it. It should not require much maintenance, but you want to check it occasionally for damage.

Repair #8 – Finished Basement

Another one of the top new homeowner maintenance tips is to consider basement finishing. There are many reasons why this is an excellent idea for your home. However, it is crucial that before you take on this endeavor, you understand what you can afford and do not put yourself in a position where you cannot afford to pay your bills.

If you decide that you want to finish your basement, it is a great way to add more livable space to your home. There is a huge return on your investment when it comes to having a finished basement. It also gives you the opportunity to add another half or full bathroom to your house. You also can finish your basement in a way that is affordable or in stages. Depending on your dream for your basement, you may be able to do a little at a time and add on more as you can afford to do so. One feature you want to consider is an egress. Having a way to exit the basement in case of a fire or emergency is essential for the space to be able to be considered a bedroom.

These eight new homeowner maintenance tips are essential for your consideration when you move into your new home. You probably have a list of items you want to do or change in your house, but do not put those items as more of a priority and ignore these new homeowner maintenance tips. Some of these items you must do to protect your home and prevent you from paying hefty repair or replacement bills.

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