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What do you know about the history of those charming bangles that so many of us love to collect, and especially wear? The history of charm bracelets goes back many hundreds, if not thousands of years. The Stone Age saw people creating jewelry from clay, shells, and bones. There are indications that about 75,000 years ago, people used shells to create jewelry. And about 30,000 years ago, charms were being created out of intricately carved mammoth tusks.

The history of charm bracelets also harkens back to the Bronze Age, when we saw crystals and other such gems being used as charms. Often, these were engraved with symbols that represented special powers.

The Egyptian civilization also plays a part in the history of charms. Charms were worn by Egyptians to protect them after death, as well as fertility symbols. These people were also the first to use gold in charms, as well as the lost wax technique of creating jewelry.

Royalty such as Queen Victoria are prominent in the story of the history of charm bracelets. This royal figure wore charm bracelets, which in turn created a European fashion trend. At the death of Prince Albert, she commissioned a series of mourning charms, which also became popular.

After World War II, the history of charm bracelets continued as returning solders brought charms from the countries that they had occupied.

Today, the popularity of charms has added another step in the history of charm bracelets. Screen stars such as Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Crawford added to the popularity of the charm bracelet. Currently celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Emma Watson, Venus Williams, and Katie Holmes have been spotted wearing Pandora jewelry. Pandora has also played a big role in the history of charm bracelets. The company was founded in 1982 by a Danish couple and was sold through an IPO in October of 2010. This company offers necklaces, earrings, and watches in addition to the line of charm bracelets. Pieces by Pandora are sold in more than 65 countries around the world.

Throughout the history of charm bracelets, they have used to signify the milestones of a life, to express passions or interests, and serve as souvenirs. You can add to your own history of charm bracelets with offerings from Pandora, including baby Pandora Charms, best friend charms, or angel wings charms.

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