Web marketing

Many things about running a business have changed over the past few decades. One thing that has remained constant, though, is how essential marketing is. With everything you have to deal with as a business owner, this can be pretty easy to forget about. However, the marketing techniques that worked 20 years ago are far less effective today.

These Days you need a strong online presence to gain new customers. Where people one upon a time looked in the yellow pages and newspapers for new products and services, they now use search engines. This is where 93 percent of all online experiences begin. This has contributed to search engines being a 16 billion dollar industry. 42 percent of people who use these click on the first link listed in their results, and most users never look past the first page. This means it is vital for you to get a prominent spot here if you want exposure. This is achieved by search engine optimization, a process that involves locating key search terms associated with your business and incorporating them into a series of regularly updated articles and blog posts that get posted to your site. However, in order to get guaranteed search engine optimization results, you should consider hiring a company that specializes in this.

The other major form of effective marketing is through social media sites like Facebook. 77 percent of business to consumer companies have reported that they have gained customers through Facebook. This means regular and interesting updates to your page so you consistently pop up on the new feeds of your customers, keeping your company fresh in their minds. There are great options out there for online social media marketing consultants that can help you achieve this. Outsourcing social media marketing means one less responsibility on your plate so you can concentrate on running a business instead of generating updates on your Facebook page.

Social media marketing consultants and SEO resellers can compliment each other to bring you the best marketing results you can get. You will see your customer base grow and you may even find the inspiration to expand your business. References.

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