Iso 13485 certification

The quality of the food a person eats is usually determined by their own decisions, preferences, and finances. But the quality of the food that is available to a person is completely determined by the providers of that food, such as food product brands. The worldwide federation known as the International Organization of Standardization works to ensure the quality of food as well as ensuring the standards and practices of the companies that produce food meet their requirements.

Standard ISO 9001 requirements for a company require proof that the company utilizes an effective quality management system that provides consistent quality with what it produces. If a company wants to work towards meeting the ISO 9001 requirements, it may send employees to ISO 9001 training courses. After completion of these Iso training courses, ISO certification can be achieved.

ISO 14001, designed to help companies manage their environmental impact, was used by approximately 223,149 different organizations in 159 countries and economies as of 2010. Companies that have Iso 14001 certification and incorporate it into their business often see a competitive advantage over other companies that do practice such renowned standards. Environmental impact is a continuously important factor for many companies to consider, which is why those with standards to manage are often more successful.

In response to industry needs, the British Retail Consortium introduced the BRC Food Technical Standard for the food product brands of retailers to be evaluated. Food safety is an issue that continues to be an industry concern, with bacteria such as Salmonella causing illness to people for over one hundred years now. Because Salmonella bacteria is most commonly transmitted to people through the fecal matter of animals, the implementation of ISO standards and practices can be very valuable to companies looking to prevent such damaging issues.

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