Merchant online credit card processing

This means that it is more important than ever for companies to provide their customers with top notch online payment processing services. While the most obvious reasons companies use electronic payment processing is for convenience and to better serve their customers, but it is also a highly secure method of payment.

Among the most cutting edge online payment systems are Cloud based payment processing. Using Cloud based online payment systems are not only secure, but hasten time to market, increase the quality of transaction processing, and reduce costs. Cloud payment processing is also flexible enough to accommodate both B2b transactions and regular consumer purchases.

As E commerce continues to grow across all industries, the airline industry currently accounts for about a third of all electronic transactions. However, the forecasters predict that E commerce will expand in other industries by as much as 50 percent by the year 2017. Others suggest that it could increase by 70 percent by that time.

According to CNN Money, a Rasmussen Reports survey reported that over 43 percent of all Americans went without cash for at least one full week during 2011. Whatever the future holds for electronic payment processing services one thing is clear; physical currency is on the way out, and it would not be surprising if 100 percent of all payments are received electronically within the next couple of decades.

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