Portable storage

Ok, imagine this scenario. You have an adult child that has been married for several years. You also have grandchildren that you love. Out of the blue your son or daughter tells you they are getting a divorce and need a place to stay for a short while and they are bringing the kids. They are getting the furniture in the divorce settlement too, but they cannot afford to rent an apartment just yet. So what do you do? Try to put an extra house full of furniture in your house and in your garage? Is there a better solution?

Yes there is. It is called using self storage. Portable self storage containers are available for rent. If you do not have room for self storage pods, you can always suggest using a self storage facility. Trying to live with extra people in your house and all their extra furniture too is just not a good idea. Self storage is the best solution. That way, your son or daughter will have the furniture they need when they move back into their own place.

Here is another scenario to consider. You are starting a home business and you are ordering inventory to sell online. Uh oh, where are you going to store your inventory? Your husband has his car and motorcycle taking up all the room in the garage. Now what do you do? Pile everything in your closets? Again, portable storage containers are the solution to your problem. You do not have to rent warehouse space. Many start up businesses use self storage facilities to store their extra inventory in until they can buy their own building. Self storage fills the need for extra storage space for all kinds of things. Find out more by calling and inquiring about pricing for storage pods today. Read more blogs like this.

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