Choosing an interesting career can be quite tricky—you need to consider the pay you’ll be getting, the benefits offered, the dangers or risks involved, and the fact that you’ll probably have to do this job for the rest of your working years. So, how do you choose one that will be interesting as well as rewarding? By reading articles like this one, that’s how! There are many careers nobody knows about that are really awesome and pay pretty well too. If you’re not excited by the idea of working in an office or doing something that everyone else is doing, this article is just what you need! We’ll take a look at 30 of the most fascinating careers nobody knows about.

How many of these have you heard about before and how many were completely new to you?

1. Gunsmith

Are you fascinated by guns? Do you want to spend your time gun painting, cleaning, and repairing? Then you should become a gunsmith and you’ll get paid to work with guns all day. You’ll have to improve the guns’ precision and accuracy, identify any possible safety hazards, and sometimes even restore antique ones for special clients.

2. Seawall Maintenance Operator

One of the really obscure careers nobody knows about involves seawall flood control system maintenance. There are people who get paid to check seawall flood control systems every day to make sure they’re working properly. They also need to do any maintenance and seawall repairs that may be necessary.

3. Porta Potty Manufacturer

This is probably one of the careers nobody knows about because people tend to shy away from talking about porta potties unless they’re necessary at a construction site or outdoor event. There’s a lot of money to be made via the manufacturing of these outdoor toilets, though, so it’s a unique and interesting career to consider. You can make good money with porta potty rentals when you make them yourself.

4. Crane Operator

While this isn’t one of the most secretive careers nobody knows about, it’s still one that many people don’t even think about when deciding what they want to do for a living. Crane operators have to lift and move materials around on construction sites and do so efficiently and safely. They work with overhead crane repair technicians to ensure their crane is in tip-top condition. It’s an important job that typically pays pretty well.

5. Copper Technician

If you’ve ever been interested in copper recycling, you may know, or be interested to know, that there is a career that focuses on this expensive metal. Copper technicians have to locate, maintain, repair, and test copper cables in underground, buried, or aerial environments. They are also responsible for finding faults, doing any necessary repairs and maintenance, and several other similar duties.

6. HDD Operator

Another really interesting career to consider is becoming an HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) operator. This job entails viewing blueprints, planning, installing, and maintaining conduit systems and piping, as well as any equipment related to the processes. HDD drilling service is a fascinating and unique job to consider.

7. Steel Casting Engineer

One of the careers nobody knows about until they learn more about the steel industry is steel casting engineering. These engineers have to establish the development process as well as the manufacturing parameters for die components. They also have to troubleshoot any quality issues that pop up and make the necessary corrections. If you want a career in a steel casting foundry, this is a cool job to consider.

8. Hoist Operator

Derrick operators, also known as hoist operators, have to run the equipment that controls the movement of platforms on work sites. These platforms carry people and gear around and need to be handled with care. If you’re interested in hoist inspection service jobs, you’d definitely be considering one of the careers nobody knows about because it’s not really glamorous, but definitely necessary.

9. Marine Surveyor

If you’re interested in a career that involves fancy boats and yachts, you may want to think about becoming a marine surveyor, also called a small craft or yacht surveyor. This job entails inspecting, surveying, and examining marine vessels to determine any damage. You’ll also monitor the vessels’ conditions and any cargo that goes on board.

10. Lecithin Manufacturer

This is one of the most unique careers nobody knows about and involves the byproduct of the edible oil processing industry. Lecithin has a wide application in industrial utility and food systems, so although few people know about it, it’s quite important and a career as a manufacturer will definitely be interesting and niche!

11. Glazier

Although this isn’t necessarily a career that nobody knows about, it’s not one that comes up often when talking about interesting jobs. Still, a glazier has a really interesting job, though it can be quite dangerous. As a glazier, you’ll be expected to install glass in homes, cars, and buildings, so you’ll always have to wear protective gear and be very careful.

12. Enterostomal Therapist

This is quite a unique career, and it’s a job that people don’t even know exists until they need the help of an enterostomal therapist. They have to help treat patients who have ostomies and have three areas in which they can specialize: incontinence, stomas, or complex wounds. It is an important job, but not one that folks even think about unless they’re in need of such a therapist.

13. Billboard Installer

We all know about billboards and occasionally notice the people responsible for putting them up and taking them down, but have you ever thought of it as a career? If you’re not afraid of heights and don’t want to study for something complicated like being a surgeon, you can consider becoming a billboard installer, a job that is expected to see much growth in the next ten years.

14. Phlebotomist

You may not know exactly what a phlebotomist is, but you’ve likely encountered one or two in your lifetime. They are responsible for taking blood for medical testing and also work with blood donors. A phlebotomist has to help patients remain calm and feel less nervous while drawing blood, so if you’re good with people, this is a good career to consider.

15. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

If you want a career that requires working with imaging equipment to take internal images and ultrasounds, you probably want to become a diagnostic medical sonographer. This job is really interesting and unique, and pays pretty well too! You’ll have to prepare patients for imaging procedures and educate them about what’s going to happen.

16. Acoustic Ceiling Tile Installer

This has to be one of the most unique careers nobody knows about. Acoustics are very important for musicians, and acoustic ceiling tile installers are to thank for rooms with great acoustics. There are no educational requirements for this job, and you’ll only need on-the-job training, but this can be a very rewarding career.

17. Sommelier

Do you love wine so much that you know everything about it? Then you can become a sommelier! Sommeliers are wine experts and they’re responsible for giving companies and customers drink recommendations based on their unique preferences, the meals they love, and any other contributing factors. It’s an interesting and well-paying career to consider.

18. Wind Technician

People who aren’t afraid of heights and enjoy magnificent views will love having a career as a wind technician. As a wind technician, you’ll be responsible for inspecting, diagnosing, adjusting, and repairing wind turbines. You’ll also have to do regular maintenance and address hydraulic, electrical, or mechanical problems. Job growth of about 44% is expected for this career, so it’s a good option if you don’t enjoy being stuck in an office all day.

19. Genetic Counselor

Genetic counselors are dedicated to helping to educate families about any potentially inherited conditions they need to know about. This is a very high-paying job and it requires a good understanding of genetics, but it’s really interesting and can be highly rewarding as well. As a genetic counselor, you’ll talk to patients about their current health conditions and family medical history, and conduct genetic testing.

20. Underwater Demolition Diver

This is by far one of the most interesting careers nobody knows about and it entails rigging explosives underwater for detonation. As an underwater demolition diver, you’ll also have to repair and install equipment and structures beneath the water’s surface. Any maintenance that pops up will also be your responsibility. You’ll need some intensive training for this kind of work, but this is a truly fascinating career to pursue!

21. Biomedical Engineer

Are you fascinated by the idea of designing artificial replacement body parts or internal organs? Then you need to become a biomedical engineer and start working on making artificial parts for patients. You can also design biomedical equipment and software if that’s more up your alley.

22. Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory therapists are in charge of helping patients who have lung-related disorders or diseases. You’ll be responsible for assessing patients, reviewing their medical histories, and analyzing relevant respiratory therapy research to help treat them effectively. It’s a rewarding and well-paying job to consider if you want to help people.

23. Court Reporter

People tend to forget that court reporters are to thank for the juicy information we get about court cases. If you want to have first-hand knowledge of what goes down during court proceedings, you can become a court reporter and share important court-related information with the public.

24. Operations Research Analyst

If you enjoy math and data, you’ll love having a career as an operations research analyst. You’ll have to use your math and analytical skills with data tools to help businesses solve their unique problems. It may be a tough job, but it can be very satisfying and pays pretty well too.

25. Elevator Inspector

Elevator inspectors have important jobs—they need to inspect elevators and escalators to make sure they work properly and don’t pose any safety risks. As an elevator inspector, you’ll have to inspect new and older installations and verify their compliance with safety codes and building standards.

26. Algae Scientist

If you like the idea of working with wildlife ecosystems, you may consider becoming an algae scientist. You’d be responsible for determining how algae affect specific ecosystems by collecting samples and studying them. You’ll have to determine whether or not the algae is good or bad for the environment where you found it.

27. Ethical Hacker

Hacking is considered one of the coolest ‘nerdy’ jobs out there, but it’s not exactly legal so it’s often nothing more than a fantasy for those who know how systems and networks operate. Unless they become ethical hackers who are paid to hack into specific systems and report on the systems’ security weaknesses and strengths.

28. Crystallographer

As a crystallographer, you’ll study pretty crystals for more than their looks. You’ll be responsible for studying their compositions and using your data to make advances in medical and scientific fields. You’ll need to study quite a bit for this career, but it’s well-paying and very interesting.

29. Hippotherapist

No, this career does not involve being the therapist of a hippo. Instead, you’ll treat horses! Hippotherapy is all about analyzing, diagnosing, and treating the different maladies in horses correctly and accurately. You’ll work closely with horses and get paid really well.

30. Cicerone

If you enjoy beer a lot more than the average Joe, you could consider a career as a cicerone, also called a beer sommelier. You’ll have to know everything about beer and then help make the right recommendations for customers and businesses like restaurants.

Now that you know more about the many careers nobody knows about unless they’re into obscure job descriptions, you can choose one that appeals most to you. Most of these jobs require dedication and a passion for the work involved, and they pay really well too, so if any of them stood out to you, it’s time to start working on your skills so you can get into the unique career you want!

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