In this video, you will learn about a disability lawyer. Most attorneys are going to take cases under a contingency fee agreement. The reason is that if you don’t do a fee agreement, it might call for 25%.

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The only way to get paid is to keep your hours and based on your hours, you ask the judge to approve of the fee. If the fee agreement is approved, they will release the funds. If you submit a fee petition, it might take a few years for it to get approved. You have to keep bugging them. It is just not a priority. If you do not hear anything back, you might have to make 10 or 15 phone calls to say you need help. Judges are very busy, so they have to pull an old file and review the free application. As a practical matter, it is not a viable thing to have to go through that. For the disability claim, depending on what the settlement amount is, you will pay the lawyer that amount. If you are interested in learning more, keep watching this video for more information.

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