In this video, you will learn about how do you get rid of hiccups. There are more than a billion Google searches every day on how to get rid of the hiccups. People have all kinds of home remedies for how to get rid of the hiccups. Some of these remedies are drinking water, holding your breath, or getting scared.

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To understand the hiccups you have to understand how your diaphragm works. The diaphragm is a sheet of muscle that sits under your lungs. Most of the time, you can get the hiccups to go away rather quickly. Other times, they are going to last for a while longer. The base of your brain regulates these basic functions. You need to stimulate the nerve and kind of distract it from the hiccup issue. Some people have luck getting rid of hiccups by using a teaspoon of sugar. By gulping a huge amount of grains, you can stimulate the diaphragm. The brain will start focusing on your throat to help get the grains down. It will worry less about the diaphragm and eventually that will return to normal.

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