Strength training for soccer

It has been called the “beautiful game.” Soccer, also known as football in much of the world, is the most popular sport on the planet with an estimated 250 million players. In fact, the international governing for the sport, FIFA, has more members than the United Nations.

Held every four years, the World Cup is the ultimate trophy in the sport. 32 teams representing countries from every continent gather in one place for a month to determine who will be the world champion. The last World Cup final was watched by an estimated billion people, making it the most watched television event ever.

A typical game of soccer involves two teams, with 11 players each, playing on a grass field at the opposing ends of which are goals, one for each team. Using every part of the body, except their arms and hands, players try to move a ball up the field, typically by kicking or heading it, and shoot it into the opponent’s goal, while at the same time preventing the opponent from shooting the ball into their goal. Each team is allowed to designate one player on their team as a goalie. The goalies are special players because they are allowed to use their arms and hands to touch the ball, though only within a special area in front of the goal. A game usually consists of two 45 minute halves.

Because of the sport’s popularity, it can also be extremely competitive. The best players in the world train every day, year round, to stay in top shape. Soccer training often consists of special soccer drills designed to improve important skills. Training drills for soccer might involve dribbling the ball through an obstacle course or kicking the ball at a target. However, not all drills use the ball. Because soccer involves a lot of running, speed training for soccer is an important part of any top player’s work out. The same is true of strength training for soccer. The game can become quite physical, and being strong can give you an advantage. Strength training for soccer typically consists of lifting weights. Visit the internet if you are interested in learning how to play soccer or want to improve your skills. Continue reading here:

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  1. I absolutely love soccer. I played as a kid and now enjoy watching my favorite teams play on the weekend. I plan on teaching my kids how to play as well.

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