Channel 10 rochester ny

What is it about Channel 10 Rochester NY that makes people love it so much as their one and only news source here in Rochester? It is hard to put a finger on it. It is difficult to put to words just what it is that can intrigue and entertain its staunch supportes so much, but if it had to be narrowed down to just three qualities about the news source, the three below could best describe it. Read on, and perhaps you too will be convinced about the superiority of Channel 10 as a news source.

  • Trustworthy
  • It can truly be said that Rochester channel 10 is one of the most trustworthy news sources around. YNN is through Time Warner Cable, so that alone proves that they can be trusted, but it is the Channel 10 track record that really speaks for the station. They provide the latest news, the best coverage, and the most accurate information to their viewers. You cannot confidently say that about other news sources.

  • Unbiased
  • Unfiltered, honest, unskewed. Rochester NY Channel 10 does not have an agenda. It does not have to please stockholders or sell commercial time. Instead, it is dedicated solely to making sure that all of the news gets conveyed to its viewing public. They do not need to answer to a big board of directors, so their news is not catered to a certain opinion.

    To Channel 10, the news is the most important part of the process. When a news source needs to worry about making money or answering to a board, their priorities are no longer just the news. In which case they are no longer unbiased, no longer trustworthy, and no longer reliable.

  • Reliable
  • Channel 10 Rochester NY is always the first with weather forecasts, school closings, and traffic reports. They make waking up to the news a treat and a necessity. They are also always the first to report any big, breaking news, whether it is based right here in Rochester, or even something on a national or global level. They are not afraid to make the announcement, and you can rely on them to provide the most accurate updates as well.

Channel 10 Rochester NY is the one and only news source here in the city. Going to anyone else for your news is like admitting that the best news around is not a high priority for you. It is like going to a surgeon who does not have a license. Rather than go to a sub-par source, just stick with channel 10 for the best news in town.

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