Confined space rescue procedures

When performing any kind of job, safety should always be the main priority of a worker. Many lines of work present dangerous environments that require workers to constantly be aware of everything that they are doing to ensure their own personal safety and the safety of those around them. For workers to ensure their safety in a hazardous environment, they can attend lockout tagout training programs to acquire lockout tagout kits and learn the most up to date and effective lock out tag out procedures.

Electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical, thermal or other sources that are found in machines and equipment are some of the types of energy sources that can be hazardous to workers. To designate a standard safety device, locking and securing hazardous energy, a lock is selected by color, shape, and size. In instances that see two workers working on different parts of a larger overall system, the devices of lockout tagout kits are secured by folding scissors clamps with several padlock holes that will keep it closed.

Confined space training is a part of technical rescue operations involving the rescue of individuals who have been trapped in a confined space or are only accessible through a confined space, such as a storage tank, underground vault, or sewer. Because confined spaces are generally either poorly lit or completely unlit, rescuers must provide a light source. To ensure their safety in a hazardous environment, workers can use lockout tagout kits on the job.

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