Did you know that, of those who purchases eyeglasses online in 2012, a staggering 80% reveal that they are likely to do it again? Eyeglasses, of course, serve very practical functions. Glasses help people see, read, and even drive safely. The same lenses and frames, however, can also reduce chronic eye strain, and help you appear stylish and smart. What are the many ways that consumers use eyeglasses and frames to enhance their lives, and how can you choose the most fitting frames?

Glasses as Protective Gear

Seventy percent of American adults suffer from eye strain, according to the Vision Council. A considerable amount of eye strain results from something most of us do everyday, or from staring at a computer or mobile device for several hours at a time. Additionally, eye strain symptoms do not stop at eye irritation and discomfort. Sufferers may also experience blurred vision, headaches, backaches, neck pain, and drowsiness. Dr. Nicholas Bazan, a member of the Better Vision institute, explains why so many Americans put up with these symptoms, “People are so accustomed to their eyes feeling tired at the end of the day, they just accept it.” Adding, “Just because it is normal, does not mean that it’s ok. Your eye doctor will work with you and help to get those eyes feeling better!”

Computer glasses, for example, are specially designed to help reduce eye strain. Some Americans are much more inclined to make purchases online, and that is a perfectly viable option for people seeking computer glass. Consumers can refer directly to a manufacturer’s website, but most are much more likely to purchase from a frames retailer.

Dress for the Occasion

Designer glasses online can help you better fit the part. Artists, for example, may want to select edgy frames, frames with more color, or frames, in general, with a little something extra. Americans preparing for a job interview, on the other hand, should favor relatively low-key black, brown, burgundy, stainless steel, or clear frames.

The right eyeglasses can keep you comfortable, promote acute, healthy vision, and even help you dress for the occasion. Buy designer glasses online to enjoy a wide selection of computer glasses, artsy frames, and professional eyewear. Helpful links.

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