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Sleep is something that many people wish that they had either better quality of, more of, or both. The daily functions and activities in the life of any person depend greatly on the sleep that they got the night prior, so if their sleep is lacking in amount or quality, their activities during the day will likely be affected. Often times, people sleep poorly due to discomfort, which may be caused by a poor quality mattress or bed. Poor sleeping conditions such as uncomfortable beds can cause individuals to experience back pain and leg swelling at times, which can worsen over time. Those who lack sleep comfort and want to sleep better at night may benefit from using various memory foam adjustable beds.

Sleep problems are reportedly had by 60 percent of adults a few times a week or more. Many of these issues may be caused by the use of flat beds. Because the spine is S shaped, it can be properly supported by a flat mattress. This causes the body to shift into cramped and improper sleeping positions in an effort to adjust. Back pain will commonly result from this, and studies have shown that those who suffer from long term back pain are generally less healthy than others.

Some people find themselves falling asleep in their recliners or lounge chairs because they are more comfortable than their bed. If this is the case, a person may want to want to look into adjustable beds as an option. Adjustable beds provide the back support that a chair or couch would, but also still function as a bed. Using an adjustable bed may allow people to relieve their back pain and leg swelling and lead them to experience better sleep at night as a result. Get more on this here:

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