Defense base act lawyer

Thousands of American jobs are conducted over seas either on a military base, or for a contract through a U.S. government contract. On any job, there are plenty of opportunities for accidents causing injury or illness. When you are working on these job sites you will want to make sure you understand your compensation rights. If anything were to happen, you would want to contact a DBA attorney.

The Defense Base Act gives workers compensation protection to non military employees that are working outside the United States on a base or under a government contract. If you need to make such maritime claims you should definitely seek a defense base act lawyer. They will know the specific laws, and your rights to make sure you have the money you need to continue supporting your family.

The Longshore Harbor Workers Compensation Act works similarly in that it gives about 500,000 workers with related illness or injury protection. It is given to those that work in navigable waters on the U.S., or nearby areas. This can include the large number of workers on oil rigs, etc.

In addition, if a worse tragedy were to happen and injuries resulted in death, you would want to make sure your family is taken care of. Death is a special case under the DBA, in which death benefits should include reasonable funeral expenses up to 3,000 dollars. Also, the survivors will receive benefits based on the deceased average weekly earnings. From 2011 to 2012, the OWCP calculated the average wage to be 647.60 dollars per week. In order to make sure you or your family are receiving the correct settlement, you will want to contact your lawyer to process your maritime claims.

No matter where you work, you should be aware of your workers compensation rights. Be sure you know the policies before accepting a job offshore, and have a lawyer in mind just incase an unexpected accident should occur. When it comes to protecting your livelihood, you could never be too prepared. Learn more at this link: injuredoverseas

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  1. The compensation policy is in the HR packet when I was hired but we never really went over it nor are their any references to specialized lawyers.

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