Scanner software

Take one look at a report released by about the amount of paper used by office employees and you cannot help but be shocked. You see, they say that each year 10,000 sheets or paper are used by every average office employee. That is a ton of paper and more shocking than that, is the fact that Price Waterhouse Cooper says one in every 20 documents get lost each year. Also reported by Price Waterhouse Cooper is the fact that 19 copies of each document is made. The average business pays $20 in labor to file these documents and then another $120 for the labor needed to search for missing documents. When the missing documents are not found, business owners pay an additional $25 to have it recreated. A laptop scanner, a business card reader and a digital filing system can solve much of these problems and reduce costs for the business owner today.

The Wall Street Journal also reports that American workers lose as much as one and a half hours of productivity searching for something that gets lost. Another claim made by the International Data Corporation states that a typical company that has 1,000 employees wastes $6 million to $12 million. This is because of the need to search for nonexistent information and recreating it when it is not found.

Employees who use laptop scanners can create electronic files, which can then be store in the cloud, where there is no threat of the information your saved being lost to left, fires or floods. Using a portable scanner increases employee productivity as well. Look for a laptop scanner or portable scanners today.

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