Chet atkins gretsch guitars

Did you know that the fender stratocaster guitar has been in production ever since its original design in 1954? Since then, many famous musicians have used electric fender stratocaster guitars including Kurt Cobain, John Fursciante, Eric Clapton, Tommy Bolin, George Harrison, John Mayor, and Pete Townshend, among others. Jimi Hendrix, another stratocaster user and legendary artist who died in 1970, actually had the image of electric fender stratocaster guitars carved onto his tombstone.

The electric fender mustang guitars are a good example of electric fender stratocaster guitars. They were introduced in 1959 as a redesign of their student models, and then reissued in 1990. In the 1990s, the mustang gained a cult status of sorts after it was used by a number of alternative rock bands. It has an offset waist and a unique tremolo arm.

The electric fender telecaster guitars are another popular design that set trends when it was originally manufactured for both popular music and electric guitar manufacturing.

Another big name in guitars is Jackson, which is actually owned now by Fender. Jackson guitars found their origin with the Randy Rhoads jackson guitars. Until Randy Rhoads approached the owner of Charvel guitars, Grover Jackson, with an idea for individualized guitars, the Jackson guitar brand did not even exist. Today, the guitars are known for their slender and elegant designs and hard motifs.

Ibanez is a globally popular brand of Japanese guitars. One of their more famous models includes the Steve vai ibanez guitars, made after the company relationship with the former Frank Zappa guitarist. It is easy to find both Steve Vair and Jem ibanez guitars for sale online.

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