Big house to rent

If you have a vacation coming up, why stay in a hotel when you can spend your holiday in a yurt, a cottage, a converted church, a castle, a treehouse, a train carriage, or another one of the available quirky places to stay? Upscale camping, sometimes called “glamping“, represents an economical alternative to staying in a hotel, and a holiday in a yurt or a holiday in a tipi is a great way to experience it. Staying in a locally owned cottage, cabin, or converted property can be a fun and unique way to experience the culture of that area, so consider staying in a villa in Galicia, or one of the available Villas in France.

According to the Portugal News, passenger traffic at the major airports in Portugal climbed to 3.2 million in July of 2011. Think about visiting Portugal while you are planning a holiday in a yurt, a stay in a shepherds hut, or treehouse holidays. Also consider a Scottish holiday cottage (which was originally the dwelling of one who ranked below a serf in the medieval social hierarchy of a manor) as an alternative to a holiday in a yurt.

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