Substance abuse training

Those who choose to end addiction are making a very brave choice. Substance abuse, by its nature, is very hard to end, and is impossible to let go cold turkey. A sophisticated system of recovery coaching has developed to help those in need. This recovery coaching, often in peer support mental health situations, are often what is needed to help others break addiction and move beyond substance abuse.

Those who practice recovery coaching are often highly trained. Many have undergone rigorous substance abuse training to understand how different substances affect the body, what withdrawal from them is like, and what are the best practices to wean someone off a substance. Often, they hold recovery coach certification from an accredited body.

Professionals who practice recovery coaching do not act alone, though. Often, they act in concert with those who broke through substance abuse. These individuals often take peer specialist training and other addiction courses to learn how their life experiences can inform recovery coaching.

No one has to go through substance withdrawal alone. Indeed, there is a network of practitioners practicing recovery coaching. Using a mixture of substance abuse professionals and peers, these recovery coaching methods are proven ways to break the cycle of addiction.

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