Oil change places

Prior to plastic motor oil bottles, which were introduced during the 1980s, oil was distributed in glass, metal or cardboard bottles and cans. Today, encouraging oil recycling is a priority for most oil change garages. About half of the European oil used gets rerefined, a much higher number than the 10 percent to 15 percent of American oil that is reused. 1 million gallons of fresh water can be damaged by the used oil from just one oil change. The used motor oil from just one typical oil change could ruin one million gallons of freshwater, and dumping oil improperly can build scum on top of water that kills fish and other marine life.

Most API engine oil standards have been established to improve the effectiveness of oil used in motors, but there are also API engine oil standards that exist for the regulation of recycling oil. You do not have to know much about engine oil to appreciate the value of recycling it. Knowing a bit about motor oil and the complex issues of API motor oil standards can make a difference. Going to the best oil change service in town will mean avoiding engine oil change places that do not know a lot about API engine oil standards and end up causing damage to your engine by putting the wrong type of oil in it. These unreliable garages for oil changes are more likely to dump oil illegally as well.

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