While the specifics of mediation can be a mystery, most mediations share several steps outlined in the video “The Stages of Mediation.” According to this clip, mediation begins with setting boundaries and ends with choosing how to proceed. As you complete mediation training, you will learn how to conduct mediation successfully. Knowing the ingredients of this intervention will help make sense of it.

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First, a mediator sets the expectations to pull all parties together. Laying down guidelines for the discussion also happens in this step. After establishing clear boundaries, the conversation turns towards venting. Although we skip this part sometimes in current mediation rooms, it was a standard aspect of the procedure in previous decades. Venting can be helpful for the mediator and the parties involved. Once folks have expressed their gripes, they will occupy a better space to speak productively. As the mediating parties share, the mediator should listen for problems to address. At this point, the mediator should also hone in on the main conflicts.

Overall, the mediation process involves the mediator creating a safe, respectful space for discussion and guiding all parties through that space to a workable plan for resolution.

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