Does your child experience pain or discomfort that you cannot locate or understand? They may be suffering from juvenile arthritis. The video provides an excellent summary of what this disease looks like in kids.

Juvenile arthritis is different from the common types of rheumatoid arthritis seen in adults. Arthritis in general is the inflammation of the joints.

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Pediatricians who specialize in this disease in children first look at how many joints are involved before they determine the type and scope of therapy. Juvenile arthritis can start in large joints of the lower extremities, typically in the knees and ankles. This original pain and discomfort can quickly spread and turn into polyarthritis, which involves 5 or more joints.

Polyarthritis tends to be seen in older kids and can involve upper extremities such as fingers; it looks more like the adult form. If only one or two joints are affected, the physician will use a more conservative therapy. If there is a larger outbreak of the disease, then the pediatrician will use systematic medication to calm it down and alleviate the suffering of your child. You now know all the signs of juvenile arthritis and the possible courses of treatment for it.


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