Are you an apartment renter who is tired of your home decor? Not to worry! There are many contemporary apartment decor ideas you can adopt to spruce up your apartment interior. Applying the right contemporary apartment decor ideas to areas such as the living room, the bathroom, the kitchen, and the guest room, can give the interior of your apartment a brand new appearance that is aesthetically attractive. A few easy ideas and tactics can transform a space from as dull as a dormitory to an apartment fit for a royal. Here are some low-cost contemporary apartment decor ideas to spruce up your apartment in a snap!

Improving the Living Room

Use removable living room wallcovering to add a splash of color to your walls. Removable wallpapers are an excellent contemporary apartment decor idea. With just a few sheets, you can accentuate your living room wall and give it a more modern look. What’s the best part? Your landlord is not required to know. Another contemporary decor idea worth considering is the installation of a bar cart. A bar cart in your modest flat is the pinnacle of adulthood. Instead of having wine bottles and hard liquor take up space on your kitchen countertops, invest in a basic bar cart to occupy that empty spot in the living room. Your location will become the next after-party destination. End tables are another décor option that increases the utility of the living area. End tables can be readily moved around the room and used as a work surface or a place for children to do their homework. When not in use, stack books or flowers on top, much like traditional coffee tables.

Brightening Up the Apartment Walls

A cool contemporary apartment décor idea is to use color, preferably white, to lighten up the walls. White walls aren’t only a fad for bright, clean interiors; they’re also a creative technique for making a room appear larger. An apartment may be made to feel larger by combining crisp white paint with natural hues in the furnishings. This is done without compromising the warmth of earthy tones. Using white for the walls necessitates being picky when choosing colors for other fixtures in the flat. Stick to neutral colors like tan leather, wood, and woven patterns when selecting colors, with more vibrant touches confined to artwork and décor. Say goodbye to your apartment’s blackout curtains and out-of-date blinds. Sheer drapes or woven window shades give adequate seclusion while not darkening your space. This is especially crucial for windows facing south and west, which receive the greatest natural light.

Integrating Your AC Installation

Despite your efforts in creating and decorating your home, anything completely functional—such as an AC installation or a radiator—causes an unpleasant eyesore, and you can’t help but be annoyed. And while we require these items in our homes, we do not have to accept the distracting influence they may have on our living environment. Air conditioners are excellent for cooling your home. They can, however, have a chilling impact on your well-chosen design scheme—particularly for apartment dwellers who don’t like staring at their AC installation. The good news is that you can easily conceal any AC under a beautiful cover. Covering your AC unit with a curtain is one of the easiest and most imaginative ways to incorporate it into your modern apartment décor. You may make a curtain out of thin cloth to cover your AC unit, enabling cool air to permeate when the air conditioner is turned on. The curtain fabric you choose should have the proper color and texture to blend in with the rest of your home’s interior design. Another excellent option to conceal and integrate the AC unit into the room’s contemporary apartment décor is to position it within an open bookcase. The bookcase is a piece of furniture that can be easily incorporated as a part of the space design. To guarantee that the air conditioner is not visible while not in use, you could also place a door in front of it that can only be opened when the AC is turned on.

Making Your Apartment Floor Fabulous

Whether your existing floor has gotten dingy or obsolete, or you’re ready for a change, updating the floor in your living room may be in order. Several materials and styles are available to bring beauty, warmth, and value to your house. If you want the greatest flooring for living room elegance while still capturing warmth and usefulness, consider a reclaimed wood floor. Reclaimed wood keeps its inherent warmth without appearing overly formal. It is not as worn as other options, but it has an aged, lived-in aspect that makes your property seem like a home. For those on a tight budget, laminate flooring is one of the greatest living room flooring options. It is very simple to care for if you have pets or children. Laminates are scratch resistant and less prone to water damage, making them one of the greatest living room flooring alternatives for someone with a pool! Vinyl flooring is a contemporary apartment décor floor choice worth exploring. Nowadays, vinyl flooring provides more design options than ever before. Because of its ability to mimic the appearance of wood, brick, or tile, it is the ideal flooring for living room warmth and convenience, especially for someone who needs both affordability and elegance. Vinyl is also waterproof and ideal for poolside living rooms. For rooms with clean, basic furnishings, wood floors are also one of the greatest living room flooring options. They provide a nice contrast to the clean, flat surfaces of contemporary furniture. While this is not a project for the DIY enthusiast, it is ideal for modern-style apartments.

Lighting Up the Apartment

Changing away uninteresting, basic light fixtures may drastically improve the aesthetic and performance of your area. Pendant lights, ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, and table lamps are some contemporary apartment décor lighting options. As a general guideline, strive to have two distinct light sources in each room. For example, in your living room, add a floor lamp and an overhead light fixture, and in your bedroom, a table lamp and a pendant. In your kitchen, overhead ceiling light and under-cabinet lighting. Purchase all the fixtures simultaneously to create a feeling of flow in the flat. You could install them yourself if you’re handy. Alternatively, contact an electrician if you prefer not to deal with electricity.

Making Plumbing Lines Inconspicuous

When most individuals consider contemporary apartment décor, they do not consider plumbing. Professional plumbers are accustomed to dealing with what you cannot see—the pipes beneath and within your home’s walls. Even if plumbing pipes are already a component of your bathroom’s plumbing, they are most likely visible. Many apartments have exposed plumbing lines beneath the sink, which detracts from the neatness of the space or kitchen. Install cabinets behind these sinks to conceal the exposed pipes. When you unlock the cabinet, the pipes will be underneath it, but they will not be visible. You can even select the sort of cabinet that you desire. It is essential to select a cabinet that complements the interior style and theme. You can also paint and customize them, whichever way you like. Lastly, many homes commonly use exposed plumbing lines that run over the ceiling. It can be both an eyesore and a distraction. To conceal them, use the same color scheme to paint them as the ceiling or paint the entire item differently. You could also lower your house’s ceiling to conceal the pipes. However, you may need to contact a specialist from a plumbing company for this.

Decorating Round the Heating

Do you happen to reside in an old flat with a radiator for heating? Residents of older flats are frequently forced to deal with one unappealing feature: the old-fashioned radiator. While many contemporary apartments include central heaters and air conditioning, older buildings frequently rely on boilers and radiators to do the work. They accomplish this by heating water in the boiler. The generated steam snakes up via pipes to reach a radiator in a unit, which heats the residence. As successful as this is, the result is a radiator unit mounted to the wall, which is typically ugly. Rather than letting your radiant heater be an eyesore in your home or apartment, discover innovative methods to design around it that will not cause a house fire. The most basic solution is to place a table over the radiator. When the heat is turned off in the summer, you can cover the radiator with a cloth. In the preceding example, the table in the hallway draws attention away from the radiator, which complements the wall behind it. Even if your radiator doesn’t match the color of the wall, a similarly colored tabletop can help hide the radiator.

More Radiator Decor Ideas

To decorate around a radiant heater, use non-flammable things such as ceramic and glass sculptures and vases. Tall ceramic or glass vases should be filled with non-flammable glass ‘flowers’ and similar objects. Clear glass vases can also be filled with seashells, glass beads, or natural stone and rock collections. Ceramic vases may be used as stand-alone pieces or filled with glass flowers. To achieve a symmetrical effect, arrange flower bouquets or sculptures on each side of the heater. You may also draw attention away from the radiator by painting the radiant heater and incorporating it into a bigger mural. The mural may be whatever you like or match a specific room theme, like an ‘under the sea’ painting for a playroom or a ballerina mural for a child’s room. Friends and relatives will regard the radiator as part of a bigger work of art rather than as an unappealing heat source.

Cleaning the Carpets

Carpets must be cleaned correctly to maintain their appearance. While using the right contemporary apartment design ideas may help brighten up the apartment, if you don’t have a good grasp on cleaning hacks, the carpets might wind up being a sore spot that undermines the aesthetic appeal of the apartment. To begin cleaning your carpet, remove any clutter and furniture from the carpet so you can cover the whole surface. To efficiently clean your carpet, vacuum vigorously to eliminate dirt and dust. If you neglect this step, the particles may be pushed back into the carpet fibers. Stained spots on your carpet will also require particular attention, so don’t forget to pre-treat them before cleaning. After a stain remover has been tested on your carpet, use it according to the manufacturer’s directions, then blot with a cloth rather than rubbing it in. Furthermore, your carpets might also hold animal hair if you have pets. Squeegees are designed to clean windows, but their effectiveness in removing hair makes them the best carpet cleaners for pet owners! All you have to do is wet the squeegee sufficiently for pet hair to stick. Maintaining a clean carpet when living with dogs or other pets can be difficult, but knowledge, discipline, and determination are the only guaranteed ways to handle it.

Arranging the Drapery

How the draperies in an apartment are arranged can either add or subtract from the contemporary apartment decor. Hooks might be a great solution if you have lightweight drapery. They are inexpensive, simple to apply, and come in various shapes and sizes. Larger hooks may support a rod, while smaller ones are ideal for securing curtains with clips. You may also use them to hang nearly anything on the wall, from photos to shelving. Tension curtain rods are another simple and inexpensive way to install drapes in an apartment. They’re adjustable to fit snugly between two walls and feature rubber tips to prevent window rubbing or damage. They are also available in various colors to fit the decor of your apartment. Alternatively, you might remove the draperies and replace them with attractive window designs. Some windows, such as those found over kitchen sinks, may not require full coverage. Instead of curtains, homeowners might place glass shelves in these windows. This method allows them to meet privacy requirements while still displaying ornamental items. Stained glass could also be adopted. This provides a splash of color to any area and filters light in a beautiful, one-of-a-kind way when used as a window decoration. An experienced window company could offer even more window options.

When setting up the apartment, it’s essential to research and consult with interior design experts and other building professionals to get the best contemporary apartment decor ideas. Doing this can help you achieve an interior space that you’re satisfied with and proud to call your own.

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