Watch this video to find out some of the basics of recreational marijuana vendors. Legalizing marijuana for recreational use has been one of the most contentious issues in recent history.
What exactly does it mean to legalize marijuana for recreational use? Are there guidelines that have to be followed by recreational marijuana vendors? What is the role of public institutions in ensuring that recreational marijuana vendors do not abuse their right to sell the product?
Legalizing marijuana does not give everyone the right to sell it as a recreational vendor. You can only sell marijuana if your application to the Marijuana Enforcement Division has been approved.

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The police can therefore arrest you if you are found to be selling marijuana without official permission from the relevant authorities. You also have to pay a 25% state tax as a marijuana vendor.
Despite marijuana legalization in some states, banks have difficulty handling the product’s proceeds. Most banks do not want to be found in conflict with federal law, which has not yet legalized marijuana.
Therefore, you must do your due diligence before committing your marijuana proceeds to any financial institution. Marijuana legalization has also denied the police from getting the funding to fight illegal marijuana possession.

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