If you are in the market to look at creating custom engagement rings for your partner and yourself, it’s important that you try and avoid these common mistakes. In this video, a ring expert, Déonne le Roux, goes over some of the mistakes that he’s seen throughout his years in the ring business.

Throughout this video, he shows us the many subtle difference between different types of ring bands and engagement ring styles that many people can get confused about. It’s important that when you are customizing your own engagement ring or one for your partner that you know the subtle differences between each ring band and style.

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This can make sure that whoever is going to wear the ring for the rest of their life is completely happy with it.

These minor differences that he discusses not only makes a huge difference in the time they are needed to make them and in the end product. When you are customizing an engagement ring, you should make sure that you are getting help from an expert who can explain these differences to you. Watch this entire video to see these differences and figure out which ones you like most.


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